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Awakening America Today is designed to help you gain insight, get active and share in the Kingdom work through the act of loving,

growing and actively leading people to Jesus Christ.

It is amazing to see all the many ways that God is moving across

our country and the world and all the many ways he is using his people to accomplish his work.  

This site is being developed to provide enough information and resources, in one place, to help you discover and develop your gifts and find a way to connect them to the Kingdom work that God is calling each of us into.

Today it is more important than ever that Gods people stand up and get moving. 

Is God calling you to Grow? Pray? Give?


Awakening America Today is the place to connect and interact with other Christians; to encourage

and support one another and direct you to areas of ministry that fit into the Christian life. Whether you desire to grow in spiritual knowledge or actively engage in ministry Awakening America Today provides an avenue to take you there.


We understand that the  Power of Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have against the strongholds of the enemy. 

Todays Christian knows that gathering together and faithfully committing to interceding is an important part of today's ministry.  The Body of Christ is praying for revival and the restoration of a relationship once honored and blessed. By working together and with our leaders, we can bring the unity, strength, and love of Christ to our friends, loved ones, our communities, and the world.   


In our desire to strengthen and protect our nation and the many whom God has called us to care and look out for, Awakening America Today provides resources and information to help direct you to take the steps in addressing issues of the homeless and hopeless, poverty,

unplanned pregnancy and many other areas of, a nation, and a people in desperate need of



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