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I wonder how we are handling the turn of events that we are left to accept in our current state. The new administration of our Government is calling for unity and peace, which in my opinion is laughable considering how much disention, division and hate-mongering they have displayed over the past 4 years and continue to spread against any American that has shown their support of President Trump.

However, I believe that, as a Christian, it is my responsibility to adjust and move forward and I'd like to state why.

My bottom line aligence is to God, my loyatly, trust and my behavior is to and governed by a higher court and justice. My King and leader is Jesus Christ.

This state of affairs, albiet, was not what I was hoping for but for whatever reason this falls under the will of God. God was not caught by surprise, nor what he powerless to stop the wheels of change that has come. Therefore, I am left to believe that this is his will and part of his plan for how the series of events are to take place in this time, in this country, in the world. I choose to believe that and allow his spirit to guide my heart and behavior.

I still believe that we have a duty as Americans to continue to fight for justice and push for the changes we believe in but I believe our first and foremost duty is to be let love and compassion lead in every action and reaction we display during this time.

Many of our prophetic leaders are communicating a great time of revival coming in this country. Revival is strong through periods of adversity. Let us stand together, in unity, for the Kingdom is at hand! We can be overcome or we can be overcomers!!

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