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sukanto Kuri
Jun 23, 2022
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What do you think marketers would say when they hear what they like? Some Photo Retouching want to strategize new marketing campaigns. Others will say they like to run outreach campaigns. Most purchases will say one thing: Facebook ads . 93% of marketers use Facebook ads on a regular basis. With 6 million companies using Facebook ads , marketers love them for one reason: they are working . A successful Facebook ad campaign is more than just an ad that makes it happen. Behind every high-performance campaign is a solid goal-achieving process. In this article you will learn what a Facebook advertising funnel is, how it works, and how to create it for Photo Retouching your company. Free Bonus Download: Get up and running with this handy Facebook Lead Ads Quick Start Guide! Click here to download for free now! We've helped Fortune 500 Photo Retouching companies, venture-backed start-ups, and companies like you grow faster . Get free consultation What does Facebook's advertising funnel look like? The goal-achieving process is a series of structured steps that potential customers need to take before reaching their final conversions. The goal of your goal-achieving process is to guide someone into action (sign-up, download, purchase, etc.) from someone who doesn't know your brand or product. In this case, sign up for a trial membership Photo Retouching of the tool. The standard marketing funnel looks like this: Single Grain-Marketing-Funnel As you can see from the image above, the marketing funnel can be implemented through various channels such as SEO, content marketing and email. The Facebook Advertising Funnel works like any other funnel, but every step (or commonly referred to as a touchpoint) is performed Photo Retouching through Facebook Advertising. For a SaaS company, the marketing funnel looks like this: Awareness : The buyer does not want or need the product at this time because it is okay (or does not know yet). Interest : Buyers know they have a problem and are learning more about it. Rating : Buyers are actively looking for solutions and are considering different options. Decision : The buyer has decided on a solution, but needs a little more information about it. When you adapt that goal-achieving process to Facebook, the goal-achieving process looks like this:

sukanto Kuri

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