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True Freedom

Today there is a great deal of talk surrounding an attack on our freedom stirring an undercurrent of fear and worry that things are changing, but as I consider what the future may unfold I am taken back to the reality that my freedom does not lie in the hands of man or a worldly government; that true freedom comes from a power within.

Freedom is a place without obligations. Freedom is to live exempt from debt, constraint and bond.

Our obligation for the things we choose to do is satisfied by justice, a justice that, in truth, comes only from a God who is all knowing, all loving and all merciful. This same Father sent his only Son to pay a high price for the actions of a world who did not even know him.

Why? Why would God send Jesus and why would Jesus be willing to die for our sins? Because if not him than who? He who had full knowledge of true freedom. Jesus knew that our souls could not ever truly be free without a release from our debt of sin, and the currency demanded for a soul was death.

When our debt was paid by the death of Jesus, the truest form of freedom was declared over our whole soul. Our chains were broken, and our liberty was granted. When Jesus returned to heaven, he left his spirit with us because where his spirit is, there is 'True Freedom'.

"For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." 2 Corinthians 3:17

There is freedom waiting for all; a freedom that will challenge every preconceived notion you've had of what true freedom is. There is and always will be liberty in the presence of the Spirit of God and it is liberty on an unprecedented level. Freedom and Liberty that no man or government can ever take from you. God wants to walk us forward out of the bondage of this world and sin, an into the life of freedom. The true freedom that he intended for all. Leave your worry and fears behind and seek the only one that can grant true peace, liberty and justice for all.


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