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we learn,we grow

Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, 3 now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.

                                                                                                  1 Peter 2:2-3

The Sacred Slow

with Alicia Britt Chole


with Steven Furtick


with Steven Furtick

The Watchman

with Steven Furtick

Make the Decision

with Jack Hibbs

Women's Roles in Revival

with Donna Howell

True vs False Repentance

with David Diga Hernandez

The Bible

with Jack Hibbs

Why Christianity is the Truth?

We all at one point or another had to come to this question and before any one of us can move forward or backward we must reconcile this.


Why Did God Create The Tree of Good and Evil if He Knew Adam and Eve Would Eat From it?

An important question, a question theologians, philosophers, and believers have been puzzling over for hundreds–if not thousands–of years. There is much we do not know about that time, so whatever we say about it must be held humbly. 


Change the Way We Look at BROKENNESS

Sometimes feeling “OK” is the best you’ve felt in a very long time. Your brokenness entraps you because of unchangeable moments that took place in your past. You’ve yet to let go and find peace amidst the storm of remembrance. You’re hurting. You’re frustrated. You’re in repetitious, unwavering pain. You ask yourself, “Does God even care?” 


Can Science Explain Creation, the Bible and God?

Indeed, science has brought us an immense amount of understanding. The sum total of human knowledge doubles roughly every couple of years or less. In physics and cosmology, we can now claim to know what happened to our universe as early as a tiny fraction of a second after the Big Bang, something that may seem astounding. In chemistry, we understand the most complicated reactions among atoms and molecules, and in biology, we know how the living cell works and have mapped out our entire genome. But does this vast knowledge base disprove the existence of some kind of pre-existent outside force that may have launched our universe on its way?


Evidence that Jesus is The Messiah

For one who has already made up his or her mind that Jesus is not the Messiah, no amount of evidence will be convincing. But for those who are honest in asking, the evidence speaks for itself.

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What must I do to be Saved?

Gabriel Swaggart

Can I take the Mark of the Beast by Accident

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Through the Eyes of a Lion

with Levi Lusko

The Transformed Life

with Derwin Grey

Drive Through History

Acts to Revelation with Dave Stotts

Drive Through History

To the Ends of the Earth with Dave Stotts

Drive Through History

The Gospels with Dave Stottos

Running Suits

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Creflo Dollar

Creflo Dollar is the founder and senior pastor of World Changers Church International (WCCI) in College Park, Georgia, which serves nearly 30,000 members; World Changers

Church-New York.

Creflo Dollar is committed to bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to people all over the world, literally changing the world one person at a time. A much sought-after conference speaker and best-selling author, Dollar is known for his practical approach to the Bible, and has encouraged thousands to pursue a personal relationship with God. Creflo Dollar and his wife, Taffi, have five children, and they live in Atlanta.


Bill Johnson

Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor and has held the position of senior leader at Bethel Church since 1996. He is known for leading a church and Christian movement with a large focus on miracles and the Holy Spirit. According to Christianity Today, Johnson has "considerable influence among charismatic Christians all over the world". Johnson joined Bethel with a stipulation that the message would always be about revival, with an emphasis on God's supernatural presence. Bill lives his life with the core values that God is good, nothing is impossible, the blood of Jesus paid for everything, and we are significant.


Mark Hankins

Mark Hankins Ministries is simple, yet powerful. Believing we are called to do two things, GO to the nations and GROW believers. Mark is known widely for his unique anointing to minister on the subjects of faith and the believer’s identification in Christ. Hankins and his wife Trina travel nationally and internationally preaching the Word of God with the power of the Holy Spirit. They have been in full-time ministry for over forty years. Through church services, leadership conferences, mission trips, publications, radio, television, Bible schools, and the internet, MHM is reaching the world with the Word of God.


Shawn Bolz

Shawn is an international speaker, TV host, spiritual adviser, producer, minister, and best-selling author of Translating God, among others. Well known for his strong prophetic gift and fresh biblical perspective, Shawn is passionate about seeing God’s love, creativity, and justice ministered through God’s people today. Shawn is also the founding pastor of Expression58 Church, a mission base and church focused on training and equipping Christians, encouraging the creative arts, and loving people in the entertainment industry and those in need. He lives in Los Angeles, California, with his lovely wife, Cherie, and wonderful daughters, Harper and Hartley.

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