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Awakening America today is a place of opportunity and fellowship.  A calling out to unite

Gods people in prayer and ministry across the nation.


 Paul wrote, "I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received." Ephesians 4:1b


As a believer, Paul urges that those who seek to follow after Jesus Christ should do so in a manner worthy of the calling they have received. Those who seek every day to live as a child of God, recognize the call to take his or her spiritual position by stepping into the Kingdom work.

Awakening America Today makes it simple to discover ways to experience growth, extend the heart and hands of Jesus in helping others. Awakening America today is a place to find study tutorials, and Christian teaching and a way to participate and find your place in the body of Christ.

Our Heavenly Father is calling out to his people to return to him, to pray, to gather together and take action!

Throughout the history of humankind and the beginning of a nation of God's people,

there has always come a time to awaken.


Now is that time!



We are Awakening!